December 15, 2017

THE KING with Cash and Diamonds

For fans young and old, if you have ever been to the popular Breezy Point Resort up north in Minnesota, you may have caught The Memories of Elvis Show ( on their dockside bar or if you have been to Dennison the past few years on Labor Day Weekend,  Chris Olson

performs this entertaining tribute of The King, and will be bringing his talents and show back to DENNISON, MINNESOTA on Friday, September 1. Show time will be at 7:00p.m.  This will be a rain or shine event under the big top at the Fireside.This years show also has a new guest, bringing an additional voice to the stage,  saluting Johnny Cash and even some Neil Diamond. More about that a few paragraphs below.

Chris Olson’s life seems so inevitable. The hair, the eyes, the sneer, the stride, and the voice – “THAT VOICE”. It’s obvious that he was born to play Elvis. Though Chris nursed his dreams of being a rock and roll star, he was somewhat unfamiliar with Elvis Presley the American icon. Chris, being just 10 years old at the time of Elvis’ passing, couldn’t quite figure out what all the commotion was about during the funeral; the radio and TV exposure, etc.Chis Olson is from White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Born in 1967, he always had a love for music. He was in a rock band with some high school buddies. While courting his

girlfriend Mary Ann, she recalls Chris asking her “Is that all you listen to, Elvis?”. Mary Ann answered, “That’s it. There’s nothing else to listen to!”

Mary Ann, being a strong willed Elvis fan who has seen Elvis Presley live three times, is now Chris’ wife and booking agent. It was Mary Ann who recognized Chris’ singing talent. As Mary Ann tells it, Chris was singing along with the Elvis music she never turned off, and sounding more like Elvis everyday. She new the potential Chris had as the Elvis performer which Elvis fans had been missing since his passing 16 years earlier, in 1977.  So, it’s now 1993. Chris and Mary Ann are married. She gets right to work fashioning Chris into the Kings image, though this did take some convincing on Mary Ann’s part.

Chris was hesitant on growing the large Elvis-like chops, and Mary Ann remembers Chris saying, ” An Elvis performer? I don’t know. Who will come to hear me sing? Much less, pay me to sing like Elvis? Naah, I’ll pass!” Time went on, and Mary Ann was starting to give up on the idea of Chris being an Elvis performer.

Then, one day after she came home from shopping, she heard the song Are You Lonesome Tonight. As she entered the basement, Chris turned around with the microphone in his hand. Mary Ann asked, “Is that you singing?” Chris answered, “Yeah, it’s me.” She said, “I thought it was an Elvis CD!”. Immediately Mary Ann said, “That’s it! You’re going to be an Elvis performer!”. Mary Ann, being the big Elvis fan that she is, new she had to share this chilling talent with the public. Chris grumbled, “OK, but do I have to grow those big chops?”. Mary Ann answered, “Yep!”

That was the start of he MEMORIES OF ELVIS SHOW, by Chris Olson.After several years of planning with The Fireside, the show will grow this year with the addition of Doug Allen Nash, performing his tribute to Johnny Cash.

SESAC affiliated writer/publisher and Nashville recording artist Doug Allen Nash ( has performed internationally in over 85 countries while touring for USO, MWR, and Armed Forces Entertainment. He was a featured artist on the Armed Forces Network commercial in Europe, appeared on radio and television interviews as well as radio play on European Music Charts. Nash has also performed nationally from the Las Vegas strip to major casinos and resorts such as Sun Valley, Idaho, Opryland Hotel, and Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

He has been the opening act for Wayne Newton, Charlie Daniels, Huey Lewis and the News, The Oak Ridge Boys, Montgomery Gentry and other national recording artists as well as being the house band for the largest grossing venue in Texas, City Streets. Nash co-produced the trademark show ‘Almost Angels’, a long-running production in Atlantic City.

It is because of Doug Allen Nash’s great performances and charisma that he received the United States Department of Defense’s Certificate of Esteem Award, Certificate of Appreciation Award, Republic of Korea’s Apple of Excellence Award, and inducted into the South Dakota Country Music Hall of Fame.

Doug Allen Nash was raised on a farm in rural Northwest Illinois just 2 1Ú2 miles from the Mississippi River. He began his journey as an entertainer at just five years old by performing at talent shows, school functions, and social events. He had formed his own band by the time he was 12. At age 20, Nash began performing around the globe. It was during this time Nash met other great entertainers including the legendary Johnny Cash.

Doug Allen Nash has performed many styles and varieties of music over the course of his career in the entertainment business and continues to perform with passion. He is currently performing “Johnny Cash Tribute – American Icon”. It is in this production, Nash debuts one of his own songs “June” co- written and co-produced with Jeff Silverman in Nashville, TN. Engineering mix by Grammy Award Winners John Carter Cash and Chuck Turner at Cash Cabin Studio in Hendersonville, TN.

You can see both of there great artists in Dennison September 1.Tickets are just $20.00. Call Fireside at 507-645-9992 if you wish to make dinner reservations that evening ahead of the show.