December 15, 2017

The End of an Era

A large crowd was on hand Tuesday August 15th for the final sale at Isaacson Implement in Nerstrand.
David Isaacson and his family were on hand as the business that had become a main street destination serving large and small farmers of the area for over 70 years, completed the liquidation of the business.
Started in 1944 by Manford Isaacson, the business grew over the years, and was operated by David and Penny Isaacson and their family the past 40 plus years, until the decision was made to close the business earlier this year. Several buyers at the auction stated it was a sad day to see this business come to an end, “When one business closes in a small town like this, it affects the few that are left” Another local farmer agreed, ” In recent years, it has become more difficult for independent implement dealers to compete in the ever changing landscape of agriculture with the consolidation of not only local and area dealers but manufacturers. In the age of the internet, purchasing equipment was is longer just a trip to the local dealer, but a trip to your computer or reaching into your pocket for your smart phone to shop and compare to find the items you are looking for.” Another farmer continued, “People will miss the service and the dedication to the community that David’s business and his family had for Nerstrand an the area farm families, many that grew up together with the Isaacsons. “The Isaacson Family has been a main stay in the Nerstrand community and the area since the 1940’s, supporting local non-profits, schools and community organizations of the area”. Jim, a Kenyon area farmer for over 35 years continued, “but times change, and these days its harder and harder for the small guys to compete. Overhead is big in a business like this,” pointing to the rows of parts, equipment and supplies that were being sold at the auction. “People owe a debt of gratitude for Isaacsons dedication to the community and their customers over the years. Maybe now David and Penny can relax a little.” The buildings and real estate were also sold, and will see new life for several new owners in the near future. – Staff Reports