December 15, 2017

Commissioner Corner

The work on Cty # 1 is now complete for the year and cty #1 is now open from cty9 to MN 60. the dirt work was not 100% done but close, and will finish in the spring. Then in early summer the new surface will be put on. We had a truth in taxation meeting this past month. Thank you to all the citizens for coming and voicing their concerns about their taxes. Your voices are always welcome. On a special note. I heard from several people how they mailed their taxes on time but were charged a late fee because the post office did not get their tax payment postmarked on the day it was mailed. A lot of your mail goes to St Paul before it is postmarked. Be sure to get your payments postmarked by the due date at your local office and do not rely on the post office to get it done in a timely fashion. By state rules we are required to charge the late fee and have no leeway in this. I know of one person who mailed it on the 13th and it did not get postmarked until the 18th. So If you are like me and do not want to mail the taxes until you have to, be sure to stop by the post office and get it postmarked with the 15th date. The county budget is pretty much done now for 2018. there will be a 6.55% increase, about a 2 million dollar increase for 2018. You may see it reported as only a .58% increase. But that is on values, As most of you know your house took a big jump in value this year on your taxes. So your taxes went up a fair amount. The valuations were pretty flat on farmland and commercial property, so homeowners took the brunt of all the tax increases this next year. I tried this past month to get the sheriff to rebid the food service contract for the jail inmates. It has been quite some time since it has been done. I was disappointed he declined to do it at this time. He did find some savings of about 64K so I am happy he was able to find that. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Barney Nesseth
Goodhue County Commissioner