December 15, 2017

Dennison City Council

City of Dennison

Regular Council Meeting

October 5, 2017

The October Dennison City Council meeting was called to order by Mayor Jeff Flaten on Thursday October 5th, 2017 at 7:02 pm at the Dennison City Hall. Present were Councilors Nichole Scheill, Neal Wilson, and clerk Jessica Page. Councilors Dan Storlie and Britt Olson were unable to attend the meeting.

Approval of Minutes: Councilor Scheill moved to approve the September meeting minutes. Mayor Flaten second. Motion passed 3:0. Councilor Scheill moved to approve the treasurer’s report, Councilor Wilson second. Motion passed 3:0

Old Business/Committee Reports/Building Permits:

Joe Amy rental house, deck that was built with no permit. Joe has been asked by the county to submit a building permit application for this deck. There has not been one submitted to the City at this time. Clerk will send a letter to Joe asking for him to submit the building permit application for the deck.

Kevin Pohl: The City Council reviewed the amended building permit application for a carport for Kevin. Upon reviewing his application, it was noted that since they were temporary/movable structures, that City approval was not needed. Permit application can be submitted to Goodhue County.

Roofing permit from G and G Roofing for Larson’s house. Remove old shingles on upper home only. Replace with new ones. Clerk reviewed and sent on to County.

Administrative Issues:

Onsite inspection to begin Alternative Analysis on October 16th. Jeff will meet with Carly and others to give them a tour of current facilities.

Complaint forms: Old:

Before the Council started to address the individual complaints, Councilor Wilson noted that Ordinance 68, which is where complaints are stemming from, is almost the same as the sample ordinance for the League of MN Cities. It is not an outrageous ordinance and many cities in the state have very similar ones. The current City Ordinance has been in place since 1998, so it isn’t a new thing. It has not been necessarily enforced in the past though. State Statutes note that if something can be seen from the streets, it isn’t trespassing. Councilor Scheill noted that she had two complaints about the Mayor and Councilor Wilson trespassing. Councilor Wilson noted that it is regarded that if someone addresses someone in a greeting manner, or waves at them, it can be seen as an invitation to talk with them.

There was discussion regarding helping others, and trying to keep a small town feel to the community. Overall, folks are not trying to make the town look or feel like a suburb, but are trying to make Dennison look nice for the benefit of all residents. There was discussion of a couple of possible projects to assist residents to clean up areas around their homes. Tires came up as a potential area to look at. It was suggested that folks could come at 6 on November 2nd to talk about possible projects.

It was noted that the communication between the City and the Community was not very good. The City will try to improve on this. Councilor Wilson was going to approach the Post Office about something being posted there.

Stenbakken: Everything that was addressed in the letter has been resolved.

Lee: Second letter was sent. No hearing requested. He did address the issues on the building that the City asked him too. Has until Oct. 31st to remove the vehicles. Mayor Flaten noted that Valley Autohaus would be the ones doing the impounding if Mr. Lee does not move them in the time frame he has been given. Impound costs are $153 plus $3.50 per mile. There is a $30 per day storage fee that is charged to the property owner to get their vehicle back.

Bolstrom: House is down, vehicles are mostly gone. Garbage piles appear to be gone. Mr. Bolstrom has been compliant with the two major issues noted with the property. His 30 days to finish up with cleaning things up is October 10th.
Mike Gillispie/Heidi Cooke: Unlicensed vehicles, over grown weeds. They have until October 10th to respond to the complaints.
Paul Nygaard: Has cleaned some items up, looking better than it had previously. Mr. Nygaard was present. He noted that he has renewed licenses for a couple of vehicles. Tires are to be removed this weekend. He will be removing 1-2 more vehicles.

Complaint forms: New:
Dan Storlie—semi tractor, trailer, car. A letter will be sent out to Mr. Storlie addressing the complaint.
Kevin Pohl, multiple vehicles, fallen tree, junk in side and front yard, storage unit full of junk. Kevin was present at the meeting. He noted that he has been working to clean up his yard. Back yard is pretty much done. He will work on the front yard next. The City notes that he has been making progress towards getting areas taken care of. Following the established procedure, the City will send out a 30 day letter regarding the complaint, and this can be reviewed next month.
There were other forms partially completed, but did not contain enough information to be reviewed.
Lions would like to use City Hall for the Annual Kids Halloween Party on October 31st. and on November 18th for Turkey Bingo and would like to come in on the Sunday prior to the events to set up. Councilor Scheill move to allow this use of City Hall by the Lions Club. Councilor Wilson second. Motion passed 3:0.

Goodhue County had a meeting with all local election officials. There is some money to get new election equipment. Want some input from the local government units. Clerk reviewed a little information about what possibilities the County was looking at. Because of the responsibilities of the County for the elections, if the County goes with a system, all precincts in the County would need to upgrade to whatever the county decided on. Machines could cost between $6k and $9k.
Snow removal for the upcoming season. Gerlach to submit a 2-3 year contract. Adam was present at the meeting. Councilor Scheill move to accept the prices for a three year contract with Adam. Councilor Wilson second. Motion passed 3:0.
Street Sweeping quote from Terpstra. Quote from Charlie Terpstra was for the same price as previous years. Councilor Wilson move to accept. Councilor Scheill second. Motion passed 3:0.
Street works: Back alley. Doug Gysbers won’t be able to finish the alleys this fall. He hurt his back and is unable to finish the job. He did add some additional fill to back alley to firm it up. It was noted there may be the need for a catch basin on the North side of the alley. It was discussed to have the back alleyway project re-bid, with a deadline set for the project, and a $100 fine per day that the project is not completed past the deadline date. Councilor Scheill will get gravel prices for the project. Councilor Wilson had a quote for $6000 to do the concrete work behind City Hall, including the catch basin. A second catch basin (to the north) would be $3500. The City had also contacted Dohmen’s, but there was no quote submitted at this time.
Sink hole on Main Street, and water valve boxes. There is discussion on the sink hole that is near the coop. The pipe needed to fix comes in 20 foot sections, but less than half that length is needed to fix it. Nate will call around to see if he can locate a shorter section of pipe for the task. Councilor Wilson move to authorize up to $3500 to do pipe and asphalt to fix the sinkhole. Nate was going to call Dan tentatively by the end of Oct. Councilor Scheill second. Motion passed 3:0

Clerk training in Kasson Oct. 12th (Sales and use tax, leadership) $15. Councilor Scheill move to approve. Councilor Wilson second. Motion passed 3:0.

Citizens Issues: Mike Bebee was present regarding utility payments. Councilors Olson and Wilson had scoped out the old bank box to see if they could have possibly been put in there. There was nothing in the box that looks new. The City has not had any past instances of payments missing from the drop box. Council stated that they emphathize with him, but there is nothing they can do.

Mayors Issues: None


Update from Nate. The second discharge is taking place this week. There will be another one in 2 weeks. They used about 6 smaller barrels of acid during the discharges so far, so replacements have been ordered. Jetting is planned for October. Should be occurring between 10-3 in the afternoons on weekdays. Recommend putting toilet lids down during this time.

City laptop for Nate to use. Councilor Wilson talked with Marc regarding this. Nate should contact Marc to pick it up.

Councilor Scheill move to pay the bills. Councilor Wilson second. Motion passed 3:0.

Councilor Scheill move to adjourn. Councilor Wilson second. Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting: Regular meeting is Thursday November 2nd, 2017 at 7:00. Public Hearing for Annexation at 6:30 on November 2nd.