December 15, 2017

Nerstrand City Council

City Council Meeting Minutes October 10th 2017
Nerstrand City Council met for their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday October 10th 2017 at 7:00p.m. Nerstrand City Hall. Those in attendance were Council Members Christine Rasmussen, Pam Caron, Monica Gernandt, Gretchen Gilmore, Mayor Tony Vezzoli and City Clerk Dana Jans. Other people in attendance were Don Quistorff, Steve McDowell. Doug Wille, Joe Peltier, Karla Ingersoll, and Nerstrand Elementary School Director Maggie Kiley
Secretary’s and Treasurers Report
Motion by Monica Gernandt, second by Gretchen Gilmore, passed unanimously
Planning Commission
Building permits for Ingersoll and Jerome; motion by Gretchen Gilmore, second by Christine Rasmussen, passed unanimously
Maggie Kiley School Director – Referendum
Meeting with Brian Daniels resulted in a drafted bill that would give preference to children within 5 miles of the school.
Voting for the bond will take place on October 23rd at 7:00pm. Voting is at Nerstrand Elementary School not City Hall.
Joe Peltier on behalf of Geronimo Energy
Geronimo Energy would like the City to join in a community solar garden. Geronimo has been around since 1991 and started in South Dakota. There are 5 participants in each solar community garden and in that garden no one group can use more than 40% of energy. Signing up with a solar garden would save the City money every month. There is a commitment of 25 years and at that point we would be able to extend if the program does work for Nerstrand. There are gardens available immediately for the City to join since we use a small amount of kilowatts. Other businesses already working with Geronimo include Anderson Windows, and Mayo Clinics. Motion by Monica Gernandt, second by Pam Caron passed unanimously.
Fire Department
Parkside is discontinuing there charge program. Clerk will check with the Coop in Faribault and in Kenyon to see if they are willing to set up a charge account. Marathon in Dennison will do a card, but it would only be available during business hours.
Pumps certified in October expect bill.
Report from Public Works
Furnace filter needs to be changed.
Report from Utilities Department
Dealt will rusty water on the north side of town. No complaints since flushing took place.
Contacted Department of Health in regards of August test results. Results will be received soon.
Sewer samples are all passing and things are going well.
Discussion on the capacity of the sewer system. More research is needed to see how many more homes if any could be added to the current sewer system. Potential buyer interested in building homes behind 3rd Street.
Discussion of a resident who is behind in payments. Water will be shut off
Water software not able to convert from cubic feet to gallons. Discuss changing the fee scale to gallons so no conversion is needed.
Public Comment
Report from Clerk
Clerk requested money for the Harvest Parade. City Council will donate from there personal accounts to furnish the treats no city funds will be used.
Notary Public paperwork to be filled out and sent in for Clerk.
New Business
Snow removal contract same as the previous year. Bid from Dustin Vieths for 3 years. Reach out to Wheeling if Dustin’s sanding truck is unable to do the sanding.
Resolution for Cooperative Snow Removal with the State of Minnesota. Resolution 2017-002 motion by Monica Gernandt, second by Gretchen
Old Business
Email from the attorney regarding the Community Center. Further steps will be taken to remove the building safely.
Bell tower at City Hall needs more work done to keep it safely on top of the building. The repairs do not need to be completed immediately but will need to be done in the future.
Complaints & Concerns
No complaints
Approval of Bills
Monica Gernandt motion to approve bills, Pam Caron seconded. Passed unanimously

Respectfully submitted by;
Dana Jans
Nerstrand City Clerk