October 22, 2017

Nerstrand City Council

City Council Meeting Minutes September 12th 2017
Nerstrand City Council met for their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday September 12th 2017 at 7:00p.m. Nerstrand City Hall. Those in attendance were Council Members Christine Rasmussen, Pam Caron, Monica Gernandt, Gretchen Gilmore, Mayor Tony Vezzoli and City Clerk Dana Jans. Other people in attendance were Don Quistorff, Pat Jirik. Karla Ingersoll, and Nerstrand Elementary School Director Maggie Kiley
Secretary’s and Treasurers Report
Motion by Monica Gernandt second by Gretchen Gilmore, passed unanimously
Nerstrand Elementary Update from Maggie Kiley School Director
Currently for the school there is no preference given. However they have found a school in Northern Minnesota with a preference given to children who live in a 5 mile radius of the school. Currently at Nerstrand there is a lottery system in place. The Nerstrand Womens Club, Lue Kuntz,has petitions that can be signed that will be taken to legislature. The petition basically asks that They will hopefully be available at the October Conferences.
School would like to potentially by a small bus in hopes of getting the students even more connected with Big Woods State Park.
Faribault School District did some improvements with the drainage at the school park where in the past large puddles and ice in the winter would appear.
Prairie Appreciation Day will take place on Friday September 15th. The school takes a bus to Caron Park and work on prairie restoration.
The Faribault School Bond would include benefits and improvements to Nerstrand Elementary School. Upgrades to Nerstrand if it passes would include having an attached music room. Currently the students run outside between the main building to the music building. There would also be a new Special Education room with sensory and the current Special Education room would be renovated and the Media Center would be expanded. The people of Faribault have included Nerstrand and if the bond passes it would help Nerstrand.
Nerstrand does already have an upgraded entry way with a locking door, camera, and buzzer system.
Planning Commission
No permits this month
Fire Department
Need to get Fire Department contracts out to the various cities. Standard increase of 3% will be applied. Clerk will contact the Faribault Police Department to see what calls the Nerstrand Volunteer Fire Department have assisted with.
Contacted Jaguar Communication to see if they could give us a better price on phone service and internet. If they are able to we will include the Fire Department.
Report from Public Works
New Maintenance Commissioner needs to know what needs to be completed before winter. The small shelter across from City Hall needs to be painted. Move benches and tables at the park to inside of the shelter. Also verify that the snow blower is working and that there is enough salt.

Report from Utilities Department
All hydrants have been and painted with the hard work of Harold Glende. Hydrants will be flushed the evening of September 23rd. Lead and copper samples have been completed. Waiting on the results. All samples for the sewer were within permit for the month of August.
Public Comment
Resident of Nerstrand spoke on her missing pets. Council assured resident that the City does not promote or condone people taking pets. Two of her cats have gone missing and a third cat was found dead. She sees Nerstrand as a nice small community where pets should be safe. Neighbors should be able to talk to neighbors if they have complaints about pets. There are state laws and statutes that does protect pets from being harmed or simply discarded.
Report from Clerk
Some glitches with the new software. Some difficulty getting the conversion from cubic feet to gallons. If they are unable to get that to work the City will again send out statements showing cubic feet. There is a total of three residents who have utilized online bill pay. Around 6-10 people who have opted for email statements.
Shut off notices will be sent when residents have accumulated three months with no payment.
New Business
Adoption of Electric Franchise Agreement with Xcel Energy Ordinance 2017-003. Motion by Monica Gernandt, Second by Gretchen Gilmore, passed unanimously. Full description of Ordinance 2017-003 is posted at City Hall. Xcel will be replacing the street light bulbs with florescent bulbs throughout the month of October.
Mayor will attend Regional Meeting mid October offered by the League of Minnesota Cities.
Council thinks it would beneficial for the Clerk to be a Notary Public. Clerk will check requirements.
Old Business
Monica Gernandt moved to set the number of pets that homeowners can have to be 3 pets. Second by Gretchen Gilmore. Motion passed by majority.
Solar Garden will be discussed further at October meeting. Discussion of when and if a solar garden will still be built in Nerstrand or if plans have changed with Novel Energy Solutions. See if representatives from Geronimo Solar and Novel Energy Solutions can attend the October 11th meeting.
Attorney will continue on working to resolve the issue with the Community Center.
Complaints & Concerns
No complaints
Approval of Bills
Monica Gernandt motion to approve bills, Pam Caron seconded. Passed unanimously

Respectfully submitted by;
Dana Jans
Nerstrand City Clerk